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The Careerist: Blondes Make More Money

By Vivia Chen |

Going blonde can affect your pocket book. Here's why you might want to color your hair.

The Careerist: Gossip and News Roundup

By Vivia Chen |

All the quirky, fun news you've been waiting to read.

The Careerist: What Nice Girls Don't Ask

By Vivia Chen |

The feminine art of asking for a raise, according to Harvard Business Review.

The Careerist: Six Rules to Chew On (Before Lunch)

By Vivia Chen |

Do you know the "BMW" rule? You should.

The Careerist: Sexiest Law Firm in the World

By Vivia Chen |

Who gets the prize for sex appeal, prestige and verbal complexity in the legal business?

The Careerist: Are Male Bosses with Daughters Better?

By Vivia Chen |

A new study finds that judges with daughters make more progressive decisions.

The Careerist: Two Firms Where Women Are Succeeding

By Vivia Chen |

The heads of Sidley & Austin and Holland & Hart talk about how they got on the A-list for women.

The Careerist: Top 45 Firms for Women

By Vivia Chen |

Did your firm make this year's list?

The Careerist: 10 Essential Tips for Summer Associates

By Grover Cleveland and Katherine Larkin-Wong |

What you should (and shouldn't) do if you want to snag an offer at the end of the summer.

The Careerist: Alaska Is Hot

By Vivia Chen |

The latest roundup of law school news.

The Careerist: Is the Business World Better for Women?

By Vivia Chen |

What's harder for women: Making it in Big Law or Big Business?

The Careerist: Fathers and Daughters

By Vivia Chen |

Want to raise an independent, ambitious daughter? Try doing some housework.

The Careerist: Are Magic Circle Lawyers Happier?

By Vivia Chen |

Magic Circle firms are way ahead of U.S. firms on stress management and work/life balance.

The Careerist: Stressed at Work? Home Might Be Worse

By Vivia Chen |

A recent study finds that being home is more stressful than working at the office. Is this true for lawyers too?

The Careerist: Top Law Schools Where You Can Party

By Vivia Chen |

Want to go to a top law school and have a hot social life? Here's where you should go.

The Careerist: Daddies Make More Money!

By Vivia Chen |

A recent study shows that men with children beat out all other groups in making money in New York.

The Careerist: Is It Time To Call It Racism?

By Vivia Chen |

Is racism one reason African Americans aren't making it in law firms?

The Careerist: Ex-Cadwalader Lawyer Starts Escort Service

By Vivia Chen |

Two examples of how women are getting what they want.

The Careerist: Lads Will be Lads

By Vivia Chen |

DLA partner made offensive comments about women. But is the firm truly outraged by his conduct?

The Careerist: Female Lawyers on Sale! Hurry!

By Vivia Chen |

Firms discount billings by female lawyers more deeply than those of male lawyers.

The Careerist: Female Leaders Are So Mercurial

By Vivia Chen |

They still get accused of being abrasive and unlikeable. But at least no one is calling them hysterical.

The Careerist: Color It White

By Vivia Chen |

Forget all that talk about diversity. The pipeline is hardly gushing.

The Careerist: So You Are a 1 Percenter

By Vivia Chen |

Big Law has lots of 1 percenters. But are you a business-class 1 percenter or just a coach-class type?

The Careerist: Ex-Sullivan & Cromwell Lawyer to Wed Sex Symbol

By Vivia Chen |

News and gossip about lawyers in love.

The Careerist: Can Columbia Trump Yale Law School?

By Vivia Chen |

Oh no, not more news about Columbia's fantastic placement record!

Sam Alito and Karl Marx

The Careerist: Is Justice Alito a Closet Liberal?

By Vivia Chen |

Who says he's just mini-Scalia? Alito reinvents himself—maybe.

The Careerist: Only Women and Wimps Work Part-Time

By Vivia Chen |

What the latest Yale Law Women's report on law firms really tells us.

The Careerist: Wachtell Lipton Is Family Friendly?

By Vivia Chen |

The ultimate high-intensity firm is also sensitive to personal needs?

The Careerist: 5 Rules When You're Divorcing a Big Law Partner

By Vivia Chen |

Lessons learned from the nasty divorce of a Cadwalader partner.

Woman face with botox injectionin forehead area

The Careerist: All You Need Is Botox

By Vivia Chen |

Time for another round of quirky, strange news.

The Careerist: Are You Buying the Balanced Life Pitch?

By Vivia Chen |

Both law firms and I-banks want to show you how much they care. Watch out!

The Careerist: I Slept Through Equal Pay Day

By Vivia Chen |

Why did I ignore Equal Pay Day? Well, it's a bit depressing.

A picture of a young businessman practicing yoga over white background

The Careerist: They Are Soulful

By Vivia Chen |

Big Law partners have a sensitive, spiritual side. Honestly.

The Careerist: Are Female Lateral Partners Getting Respect?

By Vivia Chen |

Women partners are just as happy as the men when they switch firms. But watch out for the differences.

The Careerist: Stop Picking on Low-Ranking Law Schools!

By John Gerboth |

A reader takes the Careerist to task for being too elitist about legal education.

The Careerist: Too Sexy Looking for Your Own Good?

By Vivia Chen |

Are female lawyers dressed too sexily these days?

The Careerist: Randy Mastro Says He's No Sexist

By Vivia Chen |

Gibson Dunn partner responds to charges that his Bridgegate investigation was sexist.

The Careerist: Hey, Let's Do Lunch

By Vivia Chen |

What associates should do (but don't). DLA Piper's co-managing partner Sang Kim chats with the Careerist.

America's Happiest and Most Miserable Lawyers

By Vivia Chen |

What makes attorneys happy? The answers might surprise you.

executive praying

The Careerist: Third-Rate Law Schools Try Harder

By Vivia Chen |

They lack cachet, but they are the innovators of the legal academic marketplace.

thinking woman

The Careerist: Female Leaders Are in Vogue?

By Vivia Chen |

American workers favor feminine leadership styles, says new study. But that's different from wanting female leaders.

The Careerist: Duke Law Cracks Top 10; NY Law School Gets Ranking

By Vivia Chen |

The latest law school ranking from U.S. News & World Reports is out. And there are some surprises.

The Careerist: Her Novel Is a Hit—and She's Quitting

By Vivia Chen |

First-time novelist Helen Wan hits the jackpot. (Includes link to video interview.)

The Careerist: Rationality in the Law School Marketplace?

By Vivia Chen |

Law school enrollment is down. But some schools are defying that trend.

depressed businessman

The Careerist: Lawyer Depression Begins Early

By Dan Bowling |

Lawyers have one of the highest proportions of suicides among all occupations—and the bar admissions vetting process could be making the situation even worse.

The Careerist: An Uncomfortable Client

By Vivia Chen |

Why is a respected Big Law firm taking on this kind of client with this kind of cause?

The Careerist: What Firms Won't Talk About—the Gender Gap in Pay

By Vivia Chen |

More firms are refusing to participate in NAWL's survey on women—and many won't answer questions about partners' compensation. Part 2 of our two-part series on NAWL's survey.

Isolated young business woman with a look of hesitation on white.

The Careerist: Female Equity Partnership Rate Is Up! (Just Kidding)

By Vivia Chen |

Nuggets of hope in the latest report on women in the legal profession? Keep digging. (Part 1 of our two-part report on NAWL's findings.)

worried man with cell phone

The Careerist: Columbia Is Big Law's Favorite School

By Vivia Chen |

Law schools most beloved by Big Law. And what does "Go-To" law school mean anyway?

The Careerist: How Much Portable Business Do You Need?

By Vivia Chen |

Jeffrey Lowe of Major Lindsey & Africa chats about lateral partner trends.

Vets with Jack Russell Terrier

The Careerist: Law Schools Where Enrollment Dipped Over 30%

By Vivia Chen |

Law School News: Schools that are hungry for students; Ohio's bargain basement; and survey of prospective students.

A mock-up cover of Barbie on a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue is displayed at the Mattel booth, Friday, Feb. 14, 2014 at the American International Toy Fair in New York.

The Careerist: We Are All Barbie

By Vivia Chen |

Barbie is the ultimate career gal—she's been a prom queen, astronaut, and lawyer—and more. How sexist to pick on her for the way she looks!


The Careerist: Valentine's Day News

By Vivia Chen |

News roundup: What men/women want for V-Day; vroom; and return of Anthony Weiner.

The Careerist: Bloggers Were Put on Earth for a Reason

By Vivia Chen |

The Careerist chief blogger Vivia Chen chats with Above the Law managing editor David Lat at LegalTech New York about the benefits and complications of blogging for lawyers.


The Careerist: A Little Spanking

By Vivia Chen |

People loved lawyer Jamie Casino's ad during the Superbowl. Except the State Bar.


The Careerist: Work from Costa Rica? No Prob, Says Quinn Emanuel

By Vivia Chen |

What kind of perks do associates value? Let's see what Quinn Emanuel and Gibson Dunn offer.

The Careerist: Don't Look for Absolution in Law

By Vivia Chen |

News about fabulist Stephen Glass, the English Maiden, and Dilworth's new chairman.

The Careerist: Asian American Associates Up, Black Associates Down

By Vivia Chen |

A look at NALP's newly released survey on minorities.

The Careerist: Powerful Women Are Scary (and Kinky)

By Vivia Chen |

Are strong women portrayed unfairly in the media? A look at the recent fuss over Hillary Clinton's depiction as a giant leg.

book on head

How to Train Junior Lawyers (Hint: Not the Big Law Way)

By Stephen Susman |

Why are junior associates unhappy? Probably because they're not thrown into the fire soon enough, says Steve Susman, founding partner of Susman & Godfrey.


The Careerist: Groupon for Law Schools

By Vivia Chen |

The latest news/gossip about law school sales. And more.

baby in a suitcase

The Careerist: Kids Won't Kill Your Career

By Vivia Chen |

A new study finds that economists with two or more kids outperform colleagues who are childless or have just one child.

Woman with binoculars

Hire a Bingham Partner for $220 an Hour!

By Vivia Chen |

Even brand name firms have cheap partners in their stables.

The Careerist: Why Cooley is Cooler

By Vivia Chen |

Stephen Neal, the chairman of Cooley, dishes with The Careerist about his competitors, the type of hire who succeeds at his firm, and why his shop is one of the "nice" firms in Silicon Valley.