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Is Hillary Too Loud for You?

By Vivia Chen |

Hillary gets criticized for raising her voice. Are you talking too loudly too?

Is It Time To Set an LSAT Minimum for Law School Admission?

By Vivia Chen |

The number admitted law students with LSAT scores below 145 has increased 60 percent since 2010.

The 10 Best and Worst Cities for Young Lawyers

By Vivia Chen |

Choose wisely. Otherwise, it can be a cold and lonely existence.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin waves as she arrives on stage to endorse Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during a rally at the Iowa State University, Tuesday, January 19, 2016, in Ames, Iowa.

Fashion, Sarah Palin and Power

By Vivia Chen |

Palin has redefined what ambitious women should wear.

Carrie Cohen, left, and Sheldon Silver, right.

Top Prosecutor Says U.S. Attorney's Office Is Family Friendly

By Vivia Chen |

Meet the mother of four who prosecuted one of the most powerful politicians in New York.

Want to Hire Smarter? Try Tougher Interviews

By Vivia Chen |

New study finds that difficult interviews yield higher employee satisfaction.

Ted Cruz in Texas in 2009.

Which Big Firms Are Supporting Ted Cruz?

By Vivia Chen |

The Tea Party darling has friends in Big Law—even in New York City.

Harvard Law School Through the Back Door?

By Vivia Chen |

One way to upgrade your law school: Transfer.

Fewer (and Dumber) Law Students in 2015

By Vivia Chen |

A year-end roundup of the latest news about law students, bar passage, Texas and more.

The Year's 7 Most Intriguing Quotes

By Vivia Chen |

The Careerist's annual pick of funny, sad, weird quotes by the famous, infamous and the not-so-famous.

Gender Reversals Gain Acceptance

By Vivia Chen |

House hubbies and breadwinner moms are no longer scorned.

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 12:  Alleged Bonanno crime family captain Vincent Asaro walks with his lawyers outside of a Brooklyn court house  after a jury found him not guilty of one count of racketeering conspiracy and two extortion-related counts on November 12, 2015 in New York City. Asaro, 80, was charged in connection with the 1978 Lufthansa heist at JFK International Airport. The famed crime inspired part of the plot in the 1990 mob film

The Women Who Won Over Jurors in 'Goodfellas' Mobster's Trial

By Vivia Chen |

Mobster Vince Asaro owes his freedom to two female lawyers.

Making a Lateral Move? Here's How to Get a Signing Bonus

By Dan Binstock |

More than ever, firms are offering laterals signing bonuses.

Is Your Jewelry Hurting Your Career?

By Vivia Chen |

Maybe women should follow Amal Clooney's lead and ditch the bling.

Lunching with the Right Wing

By Vivia Chen |

Does a Christian anti-abortion, anti-gay group stand a chance of enlisting New York lawyers to its cause?

Are Women Allergic to Power?

By Vivia Chen |

Women partners push back against a new study's findings.

Frank Wu, dean of Hastings College of the Law

Hastings' Dean Is Out + More News

By Vivia Chen |

News and gossip about Hastings Law School, Debevoise's foodie; MCCA's Joe West and more.

Women Rising at Arent Fox, Ropes Gray, Simpson Thacher

By Vivia Chen |

Good news about women (for a change).

Ivan Fong, general counsel of 3M, in St. Paul, MN.

The Go-To Headhunter for Asian American Lawyers

By Vivia Chen |

An influential Asian American lawyer group honors—gasp—a recruiter!

What, Me Worry? Why Negative Thinking Can Be Positive

By Vivia Chen |

A new study finds that negative thinkers are more resilient than those with positive outlooks.

Wage Gap Is Worse for Women at the Top

By Vivia Chen |

New study finds that executive and high achieving women suffer greater compensation gaps.

I Heart Lawyers

By Vivia Chen |

Lawyers are so easily bruised. Thank goodness we have Love Your Lawyer Day.

Hillary Clinton.

Hey, Boss, You Are Gorgeous!

By Vivia Chen |

Thou shall not compliment female colleagues about their looks—unless she's the boss.

Dumping Your Spouse Could Jump-Start Your Career

By Vivia Chen |

A strong marriage can help lawyers get ahead. But what happens once you've arrived?

Women in Big Law Are Losing Ground

By Vivia Chen |

NAWL's survey is out—and the picture for women is bleak.

Paul Ryan and family, 2012.

Paul Ryan Wants (Demands) Work/Life Balance

By Vivia Chen |

Is the conservative congressman promoting a feminist agenda?

When Your Boss Is a Jerk

By Vivia Chen |

How to handle an abusive boss.

Can Female Lawyers Ditch the Pantyhose?

By Vivia Chen |

Anna Wintour wouldn't wear them, but should female lawyers?

Jennifer Lawrence as Rosalyn Rosenfeld in

Do You Have a Jennifer Lawrence Problem Too?

By Vivia Chen |

Are women too concerned about being "liked" to advocate forcefully for themselves?

Alan Hruska (left) and a production still from Laugh it Up, Stare it Down (photo by Richard Termine)

Cravath Was His Opening Act

By Vivia Chen |

Who says there's no life after Big Law? Former Cravath partner Alan Hruska writes novels and plays—and more.

Bar Passage at 27 Year Low

By Vivia Chen |

Passage rates on the multistate are down drastically in some states. What does this mean to the client?

Brown Rudnick Partner Is Accused of Misogyny

By Vivia Chen |

Is complimenting a woman on LinkedIn about her photo sexist?

Are You Ready for the Cubicle?

By Vivia Chen |

Shock and indignation greet Paul Hastings' plan to house junior lawyers in cubicles.

Rocky Balboa on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, from the film

Is Pennsylvania the Next Hot Legal Market?

By Vivia Chen |

Pennsylvania firms are sleepy no longer. Profits, rates, demand and salaries are all up.

Topless Feminists

By Vivia Chen |

Should feminists rally behind the topless women at Times Square?

Lawyers Are Prone to Fall for Email Scams

By Vivia Chen |

Lawyers are susceptible to fall for phishing scams, finds study.

Taking Care of the Kids Will Help Your Sex Life

By Vivia Chen |

A new study says that couples who share equally in childcare have better sex.

How To Answer Annoying Interview Questions

By Vivia Chen |

Here are the five most annoying questions law firms love to ask.

Wachtell Puts Lawyers on Tight Leash

By Vivia Chen |

Wachtell Lipton is now monitoring lawyers 24/7.

Is Big Law Kinder Than Amazon?

By Vivia Chen |

Big Law professes to care about work/life balance, but is it really that different from the dog-eat-dog world of Amazon?

Is Happiness at Work Overrated?

By Vivia Chen |

New research questions if happy workers are more productive.