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The Careerist: Washing Dishes Can Lead To Sizzling Sex

By Vivia Chen |

Couples who split the housework fairly are happier between the sheets, according to a new study.

The Careerist: Why Men (and Women) Lie to Women

By Vivia Chen |

A new study says that people are more apt to lie to women than men during business negotiations.

The Careerist: Too Kinky for the Office?

By Vivia Chen |

Your nail polish, your career: How far are you pushing the fashion envelope?

The Careerist: How to Nail the On-Campus Interview

By Grover Cleveland |

Tips from a former partner about making a strong first impression.

The Careerist: Top 50 Mommy Firms

By Vivia Chen |

A look at the subtext behind Working Woman magazine's "50 best firms for women."

The Careerist: How to Pick a Law School

By Vivia Chen |

What would you do? Go to the better-ranked law school? Or the one that's plying you with cash?

The Careerist: Zen and the Art of Lawyering

By Dan Bowling |

Happiness expert Dan Bowling reviews The Good Lawyer by Nancy Levit and Doug Linder.

The Careerist: How to Get an Interview (Without Driving the Firm Crazy)

By Vivia Chen |

Tips for law students on how to approach firms for an interview.

The Careerist: The 10 Law Schools with the Most Applicants

By Vivia Chen |

Find out which law schools are the most sought-after in the land.

The Careerist: Women and Minorities Who Push Diversity Get Negative Reviews

By Vivia Chen |

A recent study finds that women and minorities get ahead when they keep their mouths shut.

Danica McKellar and Scott Sveslosky at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards

The Careerist: Big Law Partner to Wed Star of Wonder Years

By Vivia Chen |

The latest in gossipy, curious and totally irrelevant news about people in law.

The Careerist: Do Men Really Want Paternity Leave?

By Vivia Chen |

Men overwhelmingly support paternity leave. Sort of.

The Careerist: You Can Get into Any (Mid- Rank) Law School!

By Vivia Chen |

The latest on the number of LSAT takers. Plus law school news about Harvard, BU, BC, Hastings and more.

The Careerist: Best Firms for the Summer (and After)

By Vivia Chen |

Vault's top law firms for summer programs and associate happiness.

The Careerist: Blondes Make More Money

By Vivia Chen |

Going blonde can affect your pocket book. Here's why you might want to color your hair.

The Careerist: Gossip and News Roundup

By Vivia Chen |

All the quirky, fun news you've been waiting to read.

The Careerist: What Nice Girls Don't Ask

By Vivia Chen |

The feminine art of asking for a raise, according to Harvard Business Review.

The Careerist: Six Rules to Chew On (Before Lunch)

By Vivia Chen |

Do you know the "BMW" rule? You should.

The Careerist: Sexiest Law Firm in the World

By Vivia Chen |

Who gets the prize for sex appeal, prestige and verbal complexity in the legal business?

The Careerist: Are Male Bosses with Daughters Better?

By Vivia Chen |

A new study finds that judges with daughters make more progressive decisions.

The Careerist: Two Firms Where Women Are Succeeding

By Vivia Chen |

The heads of Sidley & Austin and Holland & Hart talk about how they got on the A-list for women.

The Careerist: Top 45 Firms for Women

By Vivia Chen |

Did your firm make this year's list?

The Careerist: 10 Essential Tips for Summer Associates

By Grover Cleveland and Katherine Larkin-Wong |

What you should (and shouldn't) do if you want to snag an offer at the end of the summer.

The Careerist: Alaska Is Hot

By Vivia Chen |

The latest roundup of law school news.

The Careerist: Is the Business World Better for Women?

By Vivia Chen |

What's harder for women: Making it in Big Law or Big Business?

The Careerist: Fathers and Daughters

By Vivia Chen |

Want to raise an independent, ambitious daughter? Try doing some housework.

The Careerist: Are Magic Circle Lawyers Happier?

By Vivia Chen |

Magic Circle firms are way ahead of U.S. firms on stress management and work/life balance.

The Careerist: Stressed at Work? Home Might Be Worse

By Vivia Chen |

A recent study finds that being home is more stressful than working at the office. Is this true for lawyers too?

The Careerist: Top Law Schools Where You Can Party

By Vivia Chen |

Want to go to a top law school and have a hot social life? Here's where you should go.

The Careerist: Daddies Make More Money!

By Vivia Chen |

A recent study shows that men with children beat out all other groups in making money in New York.

The Careerist: Is It Time To Call It Racism?

By Vivia Chen |

Is racism one reason African Americans aren't making it in law firms?

The Careerist: Ex-Cadwalader Lawyer Starts Escort Service

By Vivia Chen |

Two examples of how women are getting what they want.

The Careerist: Lads Will be Lads

By Vivia Chen |

DLA partner made offensive comments about women. But is the firm truly outraged by his conduct?

The Careerist: Female Lawyers on Sale! Hurry!

By Vivia Chen |

Firms discount billings by female lawyers more deeply than those of male lawyers.

The Careerist: Female Leaders Are So Mercurial

By Vivia Chen |

They still get accused of being abrasive and unlikeable. But at least no one is calling them hysterical.

The Careerist: Color It White

By Vivia Chen |

Forget all that talk about diversity. The pipeline is hardly gushing.

The Careerist: So You Are a 1 Percenter

By Vivia Chen |

Big Law has lots of 1 percenters. But are you a business-class 1 percenter or just a coach-class type?

The Careerist: Ex-Sullivan & Cromwell Lawyer to Wed Sex Symbol

By Vivia Chen |

News and gossip about lawyers in love.

The Careerist: Can Columbia Trump Yale Law School?

By Vivia Chen |

Oh no, not more news about Columbia's fantastic placement record!

Sam Alito and Karl Marx

The Careerist: Is Justice Alito a Closet Liberal?

By Vivia Chen |

Who says he's just mini-Scalia? Alito reinvents himself—maybe.

The Careerist: Only Women and Wimps Work Part-Time

By Vivia Chen |

What the latest Yale Law Women's report on law firms really tells us.

The Careerist: Wachtell Lipton Is Family Friendly?

By Vivia Chen |

The ultimate high-intensity firm is also sensitive to personal needs?

The Careerist: 5 Rules When You're Divorcing a Big Law Partner

By Vivia Chen |

Lessons learned from the nasty divorce of a Cadwalader partner.

Woman face with botox injectionin forehead area

The Careerist: All You Need Is Botox

By Vivia Chen |

Time for another round of quirky, strange news.

The Careerist: Are You Buying the Balanced Life Pitch?

By Vivia Chen |

Both law firms and I-banks want to show you how much they care. Watch out!

The Careerist: I Slept Through Equal Pay Day

By Vivia Chen |

Why did I ignore Equal Pay Day? Well, it's a bit depressing.

A picture of a young businessman practicing yoga over white background

The Careerist: They Are Soulful

By Vivia Chen |

Big Law partners have a sensitive, spiritual side. Honestly.

The Careerist: Are Female Lateral Partners Getting Respect?

By Vivia Chen |

Women partners are just as happy as the men when they switch firms. But watch out for the differences.

The Careerist: Stop Picking on Low-Ranking Law Schools!

By John Gerboth |

A reader takes the Careerist to task for being too elitist about legal education.

The Careerist: Too Sexy Looking for Your Own Good?

By Vivia Chen |

Are female lawyers dressed too sexily these days?

The Careerist: Randy Mastro Says He's No Sexist

By Vivia Chen |

Gibson Dunn partner responds to charges that his Bridgegate investigation was sexist.

The Careerist: Hey, Let's Do Lunch

By Vivia Chen |

What associates should do (but don't). DLA Piper's co-managing partner Sang Kim chats with the Careerist.

America's Happiest and Most Miserable Lawyers

By Vivia Chen |

What makes attorneys happy? The answers might surprise you.

executive praying

The Careerist: Third-Rate Law Schools Try Harder

By Vivia Chen |

They lack cachet, but they are the innovators of the legal academic marketplace.

thinking woman

The Careerist: Female Leaders Are in Vogue?

By Vivia Chen |

American workers favor feminine leadership styles, says new study. But that's different from wanting female leaders.

The Careerist: Duke Law Cracks Top 10; NY Law School Gets Ranking

By Vivia Chen |

The latest law school ranking from U.S. News & World Reports is out. And there are some surprises.

The Careerist: Her Novel Is a Hit—and She's Quitting

By Vivia Chen |

First-time novelist Helen Wan hits the jackpot. (Includes link to video interview.)

The Careerist: Rationality in the Law School Marketplace?

By Vivia Chen |

Law school enrollment is down. But some schools are defying that trend.

depressed businessman

The Careerist: Lawyer Depression Begins Early

By Dan Bowling |

Lawyers have one of the highest proportions of suicides among all occupations—and the bar admissions vetting process could be making the situation even worse.

The Careerist: An Uncomfortable Client

By Vivia Chen |

Why is a respected Big Law firm taking on this kind of client with this kind of cause?

The Careerist: What Firms Won't Talk About—the Gender Gap in Pay

By Vivia Chen |

More firms are refusing to participate in NAWL's survey on women—and many won't answer questions about partners' compensation. Part 2 of our two-part series on NAWL's survey.

Isolated young business woman with a look of hesitation on white.

The Careerist: Female Equity Partnership Rate Is Up! (Just Kidding)

By Vivia Chen |

Nuggets of hope in the latest report on women in the legal profession? Keep digging. (Part 1 of our two-part report on NAWL's findings.)

worried man with cell phone

The Careerist: Columbia Is Big Law's Favorite School

By Vivia Chen |

Law schools most beloved by Big Law. And what does "Go-To" law school mean anyway?