Diversity Scorecard 2011

The Trend Matrix

This chart displays the change in the percentage of minority partners versus the change in all minority attorneys from 2010 to 2011 at the firms participating in this year's Diversity Scorecard. Firms near the top of the chart showed the greatest increase in their percentage of minority partners.  Firms on the right saw the greatest increase in their percentage of all minority attorneys. Mouse-over the chart for firm-specific data.
Minorities fared the best at firms in the upper right quadrant. Those firms experienced an increase in both their percentage of minority partners and overall minority attorneys. Firms in the lower left quadrant did the worst, with decreases in both percentages. Despite the fact that their overall minority attorney numbers declined, firms in the upper left quadrant still improved their percentage of minority partners. Firms in the lower right did the opposite, improving their overall minority numbers, but losing minority partners.
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Diversity Rank:      1-50 |      51-100 |      101-150 |      151-200