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  • U.S. Immigration Solution: Canada is Open for Business

    In an effort to increase innovation and profits in a burgeoning global economy, companies need to attract and retain a highly skilled immigrant workforce. Could Canada be the solution?

    Large, mid-market and emerging companies are searching to increase innovation and profits in a growing global economy. With global competitive pressures, it’s essential that U.S. companies in specific industries be able to recruit and retain top talent.

    In a perfect storm compounded by numerous factors, U.S. corporate leadership is aggressively seeking solutions that promise to enrich their competitive edge and, at the same time, create a more favorable marketplace.

    This white paper will detail the key considerations and solutions that a Canadian office offers, including:

    - Improvements on Canadian immigration policy

    - Canadian options that support U.S. companies

    - A structured solution to increase the North American platform

    Download this white paper today to get started!


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