Intellectual Property: Spring 2013

The American Lawyer

IP Spring 2013


By Sharon McCloskey
EMC has made repeated trips to the Federal Circuit to transfer a case brought against the company in the Eastern District of Texas. In the process it's won rulings that could benefit other defendants.
By Lisa Shuchman
More patent suits were filed last year in the Eastern District of Texas than in any other district.


By Ross Todd
One jury found that the Baltimore Ravens infringed on a logo sketched by a fan. Another jury found that the Ravens didn’t owe the fan anything. That's why they're still in court today. 
A timeline of Fred Bouchat's 16-year fight against the Baltimore Ravens and the National Football League.


By Thomas Huddleston Jr.
George Clinton is in danger of losing control of his hard-won rights to the master recordings of four of his classic albums—to one of the firms that helped him reclaim those rights.
By Vanessa Blum
Patent litigators are trying to get cases moved out of undesirable jurisdictions by consolidating them in a multidistrict litigation.
By Tony Mauro
How broadly should federal courts predominate in cases "arising under" federal laws? A recent case decided by the Supreme Court sheds light on this jurisdictional tussle. 
By Sheri Qualters
New developments in technology and social media can put companies at risk: Ten tips for safeguarding clients' business interests in 2013.


By Daniel J. Bender
ITC infringement cases can be quick and predictable, but they can also upset vacation plans.


By Jan Wolfe
Judges and practitioners continue to debate how to define “laws of nature,” “abstract ideas,” and “natural phenomena,” which are exempt from patent eligibility.