The Global 100 Profit Picture: An Interactive Chart

In 1998, nearly two-thirds of the top 50 firms were what we'll call homebodies. By 2010, after more than a decade of law firms expanding internationally, that proportion had shrunk by more than half. That said, for this year's Global 100 firms, global reach (as shown on the horizontal scale) didn't always equal higher profits. Click here for more on the methodology used to create this and other charts in the Global 100 package. 
How to use this chart:
• Mouse over a data point for the exact criteria used to plot the firms on our scatter chart.
• Click for more detailed firm information, including Global 100 rank, gross revenue, RPL and attorney headcount.
• Click and drag to zoom in for a magnified view of the data. Reset the zoom level using the button in the top-right corner.
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