Current Issue

Special Report: The Justice Gap

Legal aid is woefully underfunded in the U.S. Should Big Law do more to close the breach?


Pro Bono Report 2015: Treading Water

Firms continue to talk the pro bono talk, but hours devoted to pro bono legal work dipped slightly last year among Am Law 200 firms.

One Company's Battle Against an Internet Smear Campaign

By David Hechler

One angry man hired a small-time blogger and hamstrung Old Hill Partners. Here’s what the investment advisory company faced and how its lawyers fought back.

A group of lawyers have lunch at Morrison & Foerster in Los Angeles, which has scaled back its library to create a communal hang-out space called the

The Bookless Library

By MP McQueen

Recent redesigns speak volumes about the changing role of firm libraries and the librarians who oversee them.

The Global Lawyer: A Lack of Judgment

By Michael D. Goldhaber

For 10 years, politics has kept America from ratifying the one treaty every lawyer agrees on. That has consequences.

Your 80-Hour Week? Right.

By Vivia Chen

A new survey shows that male consultants are far more likely to fake hours than their female colleagues. Lawyers, take note.

The NLJ 350: Hitting the Brakes

After an expansion kick, large firms showed only fractional head count growth in 2014.

Bar Talk

The Lawyers take the Field

By Marlisse Silver Sweeney

Who's playing offense and defense in the U.S. government's massive anticorruption suit against officials of the international soccer organization.

Heard at the Dewey Trial

Some memorable quotations from witnesses and evidentiary emails in the ongoing criminal trial of three former Dewey & LeBoeuf leaders.

Alleged Kirkland Conflict Gives Sullivan & Cromwell the Edge

By David Bario

In the Teva-Mylan takeover fight, a magistrate judge advises that Kirkland's previous work for Mylan should bar it from advising Teva.

An Expensive Victory for the Beastie Boys

By Scott Flaherty

The hip-hop group wins a copyright infringement case, but only gets a fraction of the legal fees it sought.

Davis Polk Emails Undercut the Government's Defense in AIG Case

By Scott Flaherty

Ruling in litigation over the 2008 bailout of American International Group, a judge cites formerly privileged emails from Davis Polk & Wardwell lawyers to bolster his criticism of the federal government's actions.

The IRS's Quinn Emanuel Hire Draws Fire

By Julie Triedman

Senate Finance Committee chair Orrin Hatch joins Microsoft in attacking the IRS' choice of counsel in a case against the tech giant.


Big Law and Legal Aid

By Kim Kleman, editor-in-chief

The nation's largest and wealthiest firms must give more to help close the justice gap.

Dewey before the fall.

Dewey Don'ts

By David L. Brown

The trial of three Dewey & LeBoeuf leaders for alleged criminal fraud offers critical lessons for partners everywhere.

Move Over, iPad

By Alan Cohen

The ability to run a full version of Windows 8.1 makes the Surface 3 a compelling choice for lawyers.

The Work

Big Deals

By Jennifer Henderson

Big Suits

By Scott Flaherty, Scott Graham and Rebekah Mintzer

Apple v. Samsung; Eon Corp. v. AT&T Mobility; ASCAP v. Pandora; Chicago v. Purdue Pharma