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  • Are Women's Awards Insulting or Empowering?

    I hate to burst your balloon, but I find "best female lawyers" lists annoying. To me, these shoutouts suggest that women are unable to compete with the big boys. Its become a booming industry to dole out awards to "top" women in law and business. Recently, titles owned by my own company, ALM Media LLC, have entered the fray.

  • Paul Hastings Stunned Over Shock Partner U-Turn, But Firm's Not Alone

    By Chris Johnson

    Well, that's embarrassing. Two weeks ago, Paul Hastings issued a release touting its hire of “pre-eminent” finance partner Nigel Ward from Ashurst in London. The firm was rightly pleased with its capture: Ward is one of the U.K.'s leading leveraged finance experts and previously led Ashurst's banking and capital markets practice.

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