U.S Firms Abroad, an Interactive Road Map

American law firms continue to spread all over the world, but some markets are more appealing than others. So we've tracked notable hot spots from the past three years.

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  • What's New in Yukos v. Russia? The Truth.

    There comes a point in every “lifetime of litigation” case when the docket sails beyond solipsism into self-parody. We may have just reached that point in the Yukos case, when Russia filed this past summer what the Yukos camp snidely calls an “amended motion to supplement an unauthorized supplemental motion to dismiss.”

  • Are Women's Awards Insulting or Empowering?

    I hate to burst your balloon, but I find "best female lawyers" lists annoying. To me, these shoutouts suggest that women are unable to compete with the big boys. Its become a booming industry to dole out awards to "top" women in law and business. Recently, titles owned by my own company, ALM Media LLC, have entered the fray.

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