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  • On Happiness Scale, Partners Rank High (No, Really)

    By Vivia Chen

    For those who think Big Law partners are miserable, lost souls, I've got news for you: They are quite happy, thank you. Plus, they're making bundles of money. And guess what? Many wouldn't dream of scaling down their practice (and the money) for more free time. In sum, they like what they’re doing and how they're doing it.

  • Job Losses At Merging UK Firms Unfortunate, But Predictable

    By Chris Johnson

    For all of the potential benefits of mergers, they are incredibly expensive to carry out. Systems and processes need to be integrated, staff moved to new premises and expensive brand consultants hired to work out what font to use in your new logo. But that isn't all. Unfortunately, there is almost always a human cost to pay.

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